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Hellbrück, Horst, Lipphardt, Martin and Wegener, Axel (2009), "Organic Computing Concepts in Protocol Design for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks", TR01.

With the change from wired to wireless technologies the complexity of computer networks increases significantly. Distributed applications built on top of these wireless networks must be well designed to work in this difficult and changing environment. Especially the ad-hoc wireless communication between devices with wireless transceivers based on multi-hop structures is still an open research field. Protocols designed in the past based on simulations solely using simple transmission models and graph theoretic assumptions fail to work reliably in real field tests. Therefore, systems which exibly adapt to their environment in order to exhibit robust behavior are being studied in a number of research programs, among them the Autonomic Networking Initiative and Organic Computing Initiative. Organic computing systems are expected to exhibit life-like properties including self-adaptation and self-organization in the sense of being adaptive to changing conditions and are a promising approach for new protocols in wireless multi-hop networks. In this paper we will present general organic computing principles and describe their idea in use of wireless multi-hop networks, the detailed design of protocols based on these principles, and a comparative evaluation as well as experiences during the protocol development.

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